Домой The Deep South Vapers Carnivale

The Deep South Vapers Carnivale

july, 2017

21jul - 23All DayThe Deep South Vapers CarnivaleExpo For Smokers by Vapers Type:Political

Event Details

The Deep South Vapers Carnivale Expo For Smokers By Vapers is a 3 day celebration of tobacco harm reduction featuring an evironment focused on attracting smokers and raising awareness and funding for advocacy.


july 21 (Friday) - 23 (Sunday)

  • Andrew Smith

    Please email me wholesale information to Alphasmokeandrew@yahoo.com I own 5 smoke shops.

  • John Plural

    Where is this? I don’t see any location on the flyer nor at the website.

    • Click on Learn more button ar the bottom of this event card

      • John Plural

        I said: I don’t see any location…nor at the website.

        Meaning, the website doesn’t even say what city, state, country, that this is in.

        No worries, I figured it out by searching out the venue. I guess this is only for people in Mobile, since they are the only ones who would know what the venue is. They must not want people close to Mobile that may not be familiar with the venues in the city coming…it worked for me.

        • Sorry about that, this event has been submitted by the organizer and some elements seem to be missing.